The poker community was outraged by Mike Postle’s cheating incident at Stones Gambling Hall, and you would believe he will never appear at live tables again. However, less than three years after the incident, Postle was seen playing in a $500k guaranteed poker tournament in Biloxi, where he reached the final table before his actual identity was revealed.

Mike Postle is Dominant at the Beau Rivage Casino.
Angela Jordison published the tweet which revealed Mike Postle’s participation in the competition. Another player called Maxwell Young who had competed with him informed her.

Initially, you may not identify him, and it seems the casino assisted in concealing his identity. On the last day’s chip count, both his last name and hometown were concealed, and he was only able to register under his first and middle name. He even has an artificial nose!

The floor, however, revealed his identity. The poker world is also aware that Postle’s middle name is Lawrence, and it would be much too coincidental if it turned out to be someone else.

Regardless, he reached the final table of the Million Dollar Heater Main Event. He was eliminated in seventh place, earning $32,703 after being slow-rolled by Brock Gary.

A video of the hand starts on a flop of 6s 4h 5c with Postle all-in for 10s 10h with his whole stack. Gary stalled for around thirty seconds before calling with 6c 6h to eliminate Postle from the tournament. However, the poker community complained that the slow roll might have continued for at least five minutes longer.

Someone may be heard on the video saying, “That’s for all the cheating you’ve done.”

The Stones Cheating Scandal Analyzed
In the fall of 2019, poker player Veronica Brill accused Postle of cheating on Stones Gambling Hall live feeds. The narrative spread, and scores of additional gamers with similar experiences with Postle came forward.

Poker professionals and bloggers chimed in on the story by scrutinizing footage of Postle’s play. Even mathematicians and statisticians joined in, and it was generally acknowledged that cheating had in fact occurred, despite the lack of concrete proof.

When more than $30 million in litigation were brought against King’s Casino, the owner of Stones, the charges were finally (and regrettably) dismissed. Postle maintained his innocence, but the controversy will not be forgotten by the poker world.

Are Mike Postle’s Winning Being Held?
Today, several media sites are saying that the casino is holding Postle’s money. This has not been verified, but it would be an intriguing turn of events if it were true.

Numerous observers have remarked that Postle should never have been let to play. It makes perfect logic for a player caught cheating to be banned from live poker venues, just as online cheats are blacklisted from whole poker networks. PokerStars has banned internet cheats from live tournaments, while traditional casinos are notorious for eliminating blackjack players accused of card counting.

This event demonstrates the significance of having a national poker integrity commission akin to GGPoker’s PIC. Known cheats should be held responsible for their crimes, and they should not be allowed to continue benefitting from a game they have exploited to defraud other players.


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