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What is poker?

Poker is a popular and interesting game. Many people want to learn how to play in order to win and earn big money, but it’s not as easy as it seems.
This is our blog where we share different information about poker!

For those that are curious, here is the poker math

In poker, success depends on your ability to read your opponents and the table dynamics, and to use that[…]

What is winrate in poker?

In poker, the phrase “winrate” refers to the total amount of money earned by a player during a certain[…]

Football Legend Ronaldo Joins PokerStars as Brand Ambassador

PokerStars has announced that Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, one of the biggest stars in the world of soccer,[…]

When should you go All-In in poker, and what does it mean?

When a player goes all-in, he or she bets all of their chips. All-in bets may be placed in[…]

Poker Hand Histories: How to Analyze Your Hands More Effectively

Analyzing your poker hands is part of becoming a successful player, who makes a long-term profit. However, hand analysis[…]