Poker mining is the practice of gathering and analyzing the statistics of other players. This information gives a long-term edge over other players, since it reveals the frequency with which a certain player does certain actions throughout different phases of the game, making it simpler to forecast the opponent’s movements and increasing your win rate.
While most poker rooms prohibit the use of poker mining software while in-game, you may securely mine all the required data when you are not really playing.
A poker miner is a handy tool for gamers seeking to improve their long-term win rate. It enables you to play at larger stakes without fear of unknown opponents. Observing the actions and blunders of your opponents will give you an advantage over them, considerably enhancing your chances of success. However, it is essential to remember that your data may also be mined and used against you.

Traits of a good poker miner

A respectable poker miner should include the following features:
Everyday updates.
The capacity to update online statistics.
Data mining from cash games and professional poker rooms (to better study the actions of professional players and improve your skills)
The least number of delays, as you will frequently require the information immediately.

HHMailer is one of the most popular poker mining services. It provides mining for well-known poker venues like PokerStars and IPoker. The information about low-limit games is offered for free, which might be useful for novices.

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