Playing online slot games at PokerStars Casino MI might result in some significant extra prizes. If you haven’t heard about one of the operator’s most popular ongoing promotions, we’d like to inform you about slot races and why you should participate in them.

There are a several methods to increase your Races value by playing casino games at PokerStars Casino MI. Live Casino Race, Slot Leaderboard Race, and High 5 Rapid Rewards are the most popular Races.

This article will mostly concentrate on Slot Leaderboard Races, which now offer rewards of up to $5000. The player with the most points at the end of the game will walk away with $1,000. On average, you will compete against roughly 1000 other players, with the top 50 receiving monetary awards.

There are no hidden costs or fees to participate in these daily and weekly activities. All you have to do is play certain games and get points. Because there are no wagering limitations, winners may pay out their wins immediately.

How Do I Begin Ranking in the Slot Leaderboard Race?
As previously stated, participation in the PokerStars Casino MI races is entirely free. You must opt-in through the promotional menu, then go to the casino library, choose a participating slot game, and begin playing.

The method for calculating points is straightforward. If you risk $1 on a spin and win $10, you will get 1000 points on the Race Leaderboard. In the same scenario, a $15 victory would result in 1500 points, and so on.

It is vital to note that the amount of money wagered by participants has no bearing on the outcome. A $100 victory on a $10 bet will still result in 1000 points. This regulation is important for maintaining the Race’s integrity by enabling casuals and players who prefer lower stakes to participate alongside high rollers.

So far, the highest paying Slot Race we’ve uncovered awarded $5,000 in rewards. This one runs for seven days straight, although there are lots of others that just last a day. They usually have a $1000 prize pool, with the winner receiving $150.

If you participate in one of them, you can keep track of your rankings and points in the lobby or on the Pokerstars Casino MI site under the promotions option.

Races generally contain the most popular titles as well as some new games worth checking out. Classics like as Dead or Alive, Cleopatra Gold, Wheel of Fortune, Gonzo’s Quest, Tomb of Ra, and more will earn you points toward the PokerStars MI Slot Race leaderboard.

When playing at PokerStars Casino MI, all slot aficionados should participate in these races. There are no drawbacks, and you may earn some fantastic prizes just by playing your favorite games. Big victories in the game have an added value in the form of leaderboard points, making the whole experience even more entertaining.

Wagering Your First Deposit Bonus in a Novel Way
PokerStars Casino MI, in addition to Casino Races, a fantastic loyalty program, and intriguing promotions, provides a huge 100% first deposit bonus of up to $600. If you want to acquire the full value, invest the maximum of $600 and ready to work hard. Before bonus monies may be withdrawn, certain wagering requirements must always be completed.

The good news is that you can mix wagering and leaderboard competition at the same time, making the whole procedure much more enjoyable. Naturally, lower RTP games will help you complete the bonus quicker, and vice versa.

Regular slot players should never pass up an opportunity to participate in leaderboards with cash awards. Join PokerStars MI Slot Races and start competing to have more fun while earning some additional cash!


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