Joker is a unique card. It created a whole cultural phenomenon around the character that is presented on the card – clown for most of the decks. But in this text, we will talk only about the game purpose of this card. There are two main ways to use a joker in various poker games, the first one being a Wild Card and the second one being a slang name for Pair of Jacks in Texas Hold’em.

Joker as Wild Card is traditionally used in home games and is rarely seen in any professional poker tournaments or in casinos. Joker adds a bit of fun and randomness to the game. There are two jokers in the poker deck of cards. There is no suit or number on the card, only the Joker himself that can be portrayed in various ways. When a player draws a Joker card, it becomes a Wild Card and can be used to portray any other card in the deck, helping the player to get the desired combination. Remember that Wild Cards can significantly affect the game and change the results dramatically, as no one ever knows when they will get their lucky Joker.  Joker may also be presented as a Wild Card in various online versions of poker. Remember to check the rules carefully before starting a game. 

In Texas Hold’em Joker is just a nickname for a pair of Jacks. There is no such card in the deck. If you are hearing someone referring to the Joker during the professional tournament or at the Casino, it probably means they are talking about the Pair of Jacks, not about the card itself. 

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