Every poker player is acquainted with the phrase Full House. It is a combination of cards consisting of the same card in three distinct suits (trips) and two equal-valued cards of different suits (pairs) (a pair).
As with every other hand in Texas Holdem, players may utilize their personal face-down cards plus up to two or five community cards, which are dealt face-up and shared by all players, to form a complete house hand.
There are several methods to get a complete house:
A common full house is when all five common cards create a full house, such as K-K-K-J-J-4-4. If no player has a pair that is stronger than kings or fours, all players win.
Face-down pair plus three commons – you have a pair of cards of equal value in your hand, and three more cards of similar value are common.
Set + common pair – a pair of equal-valued common cards coupled with two random cards, one of which has the same value as your face-down pair of cards.
Two frequent pairings; one of your face-down cards must match one of the pairs in value.
If you have a full house, don’t get too happy; your opponent may have a full house that is much stronger. If two players have a full house, the winner is the person with the better trips. If both players have the same number of trips, the winner is the one with the stronger pair. The best complete house imaginable consists of three Aces and two Kings. However, even the strongest complete house is defeated by four-of-a-kind, which comprises of one card of each suit.

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