Now six months have passed since Ali Imsirovic’s cheating on multiple poker platforms led to him being banned from PokerGO tournaments and many online poker websites. You’d think he’d have learnt his lesson by now, but the disgraced pro still seems to be operating his schemes online. Daniel Negreanu wants to put a stop to it.

allegations made by Daniel Negreanu
An open secret is that Imsirovic has not stopped cheating, as revealed yesterday by Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu on Twitter. And to rub salt in the wound, he keeps bragging about how he has cheated money from good poker players.

Before learning of Ali Imsirovic’s indiscretions, I had assumed that he was a true fan of the sport who would be a mainstay at tournaments for years to come.

From what I’ve heard, he hasn’t stopped his shenanigans and probably can’t be saved anymore.

All real-time and internet service providers must…

  1. March, 2023 — Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker)

Many in the poker-watching public are mystified by the sudden uptick in attention focused on Imsirovic. His reputation for cheating in online poker games persists, and it is believed that this is a topic of conversation within the high roller group.

There Should Be a Ban on Imsirovic from All Poker Sites
Many of the most popular online poker sites, including GGPoker, have banned Imsirovic, but he has continued to play on unlicensed sites. While it is unclear how the high roller community learned that he still plays online (possibly the bragging that Negreanu describes), it is crucial that poker sites do their homework and prohibit the known cheater.

To what extent may online poker cheaters be deterred?
Professional poker coach Matt Berkey lists many measures that might be used by online poker sites to discourage cheats. Secondly, he brings up the fact that grey markets, where banned players like Imsirovic have found new life, require a full revision of KYC processes.

The “Know Your Customer” (KYC) protocols enable the operators to confirm the identities of their users. Bettering these rules would help to prevent previously banned users from re-registering with other sites under false pretenses by verifying the identity of the player through personal papers given by the player.

The use of RTA detection based on AI was also mentioned. This is an emerging idea that has not been widely discussed so far, since operators continue to rely on player reports of questionable play. Big names in the industry like 888 and PokerStars have put a lot of money into combating bots and the use of RTA software; it would be fantastic to see them take advantage of the advances in AI technology and push their anti-cheating activities to the next level.


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